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Set designer, production designer and visual artist based in Paris and Dunkerque.

Graduated from NYU Tisch as a Set Designer for Film and Theater.

(​Past education at The University of Peloponnese in Greece 

& La Sorbonne-Pantheon/Paris)

Had the chance to assist artists in New York including Matthew Barney and Monica Cook. 


Mata Laya Pata has won an Award. We have unanimously agreed to award your work "Best Art Direction." Between the Kathy & Cathy footage, the location, sound design, and props/costuming, it was a no brainer. You created a world and should be proud of your work.

The film is set in 1994, at a time when the commercial fishing industry was in transition from the tradition of the rugged, independent fisherman to a more regulated, economically troubled business.

Until characters begin to emerge from the wall as if through a liquid. Doorways and compartments appear and disappear with dreamlike ease. Maeght’s highly inventive wall is this production’s most distinctive component.”


“The technical design team works wonders. Margaux Maeght designed the set, consisting of sound wall, with multiple opening places to bring characters in and out. Projected against that wall and the ceiling are abstract and identifiable images which coincided with the Pink Floyd album music.”



“Designed by Margaux Maeght, this set is a seemingly solid wall, but it's made of acoustic foam, which allows a lot of things to happen that "shouldn't." People come and go through various points in the wall, through multiple doors on multiple levels, and seem to enter various stages of "being."

" It is a technological wonder, and earns Maeght kudos for an excellently adaptable set.”

Initially, the gray acoustic tiles lining Margaux Maeght’s curved, permeable multistory set suggest a recording studio like Abbey Road, where the famous album was made. Soon enough, we learn they’re also intended to represent the walls of a different type of padded room.

“An energetic band tucked away into the corners of Margaux Maeght’s grungy, catchall set.”


Masha Masha Natasha directed by Sarah Blush at Fringe Festival, NYC 2015

“(…) excellent design team left me feeling in very capable hands.”



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