Directed By Emily Cheeger

A Magical Realist dark comedy about mortality, mysticism and the metaphysics of facial hair in Hasidic Brooklyn.

Maya Pata Laya

Directed By Kevin Vu

A surreal black comedy centered around Tracy, an insecure thirty-something underachiever who goes through bizarre mental exercises with a women's self-help company founded by twin sisters/gurus Cathy & Kathy. As Tracy hopes to overcome her lack of confidence during an outdoor retreat, things culminate to a surprising and morbid conclusion. 

A Place We Go To

Directed By Jenny Wang

Set in the middle of breathtaking landscape, a love story between two women.

X - Short Film

X, inspired by a true historical event, follows Mina, a seven-year-old girl, on the night of February.6.1983 in Tehran, Iran as she gradually discovers the truth about her father's secret life and the great peril that she, naively, put him into.


Directed by Calla Videt

During a seemingly routine earnings call, Sam realizes there are certain choices that are no longer hers to make.​

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